Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Victoria Secrets Manchester

So in my travels (And rather naughty trip to the Trafford Centre) my excitement levels rose around 200% when i saw the new Victoria Secrets branch. One of only 3 in England and needless to say i got a bit hysterical. For the last 6 months id been passing the 'Opening Soon' billboards and cursing my heritage because i don't look like one of the Angels smiling off them.

So today as i skipped in, i entered the PINK section first. Fun and flirty as always and i wanted to buy everything. Was slightly disappointed with the main Victoria Secret section as it appeared dark, more like a den of iniquity than the usual frothy angelic shop floor I'm accustomed to with Victoria Secrets, but well.... what ever floats the creative directors boat.

The stock for both sections was of such tempting design i nearly cried at one point over a bra. A caution for customers who have bought VS in America in the past it is around £20 more expensive. Gutting i know but hey im a sucker for lace and sparkles so i was going to crumble.

Sizes were also a bit of a concern, I never have trouble finding a Bra in my size. Fitting at the bottom end of big, shops like Bravissimo are available to me as well as standard high street fitters, so i was rather shocked to see that PINK did not stock a 32 D in a bra i wanted. Not only that but they didnt stock anything passed a B in 32 band and nothing passed a D in 34 and 36 ( Bit of a scrounge on band sizes too guys) This wasn't the case for all bras, many offered more range, however all seemed rather size limited.

Luckily my sister size of a 34C was available so i was much happier again and treated my self to a bit of glam.
Which leeds me to rule number 1: Allow yourself to splurge (If you don't you will hate life and everything you own will last about 3 washes)
Invest in quality. It will last longer and will save you drinks money in the long run!

Example of my happy purchase.
This cheeky little bra let has light uplift a low plunge and studs, The straps are removable and im very sorry about my awkward tan lines.
Price: £34.99

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hello! I'm Hollie, a 19 year old Fashion student from Manchester. I am currently studying at The University of Leeds and am going into my second year this September. The need to start this blog aroused with a great deal of my friends struggling to adapt to a student life and be able to create style on a shoe string. My Blog is here to tell you it is not hard and it is not a strain on those student loans. It is possible to look fabulous, so you feel fabulous, whilst staying out of your over draft and I am here to show you how!