Sunday, 1 September 2013

Today on 1st September I wore a Hogwarts T-shirt.... and that is all the fashion news you are getting today!

I know i am a fashion blog, but i feel it essential to talk about other aspects of student saving! Its September the first and whilst the wizards of the country are heading to Kings cross to get on the Hogwarts Express, we students are heading to ikea to get yet another frying pan (and other house hold things) because for some reason our student halls ate them last year. Term is about to start and you realise you don't have a cheese grater, however your student loan has not yet come in. Hmmmm. The usual response is to guilt trip the parents, however even here saving money is so important. Most students as stated before head to Ikea, but be conscious of when your areas Ikea student events are, check websites and ask in store for an idea of when these will be coming up. Most are throughout September and most stores are having more than one. Offers on house hold supplies such as pots and pans are available as well as great savings on desks and desk chairs. You may not sit on said chair to actually do work but they make great coat hangers and they give your parents the right impression.

Moving away from the typical Ikea trip, it is defiantly worth checking out Aldi. Yes i know im a cheapo but for good value supplies that (from experience) do last, go! Today I purchased a set of two saucepans one large, one medium, both in a very attractive cobalt blue (they do have other colours) both with lids for a total of £8.99. I bought this set last year in pink and they survived many a freshers disaster, so we will go with they are hard wearing! Oddly enough i also purchased a pink stripped bath mat for £4.99 which turned out to be much better quality, than more expensive and less attractive ones in Ikea. I always make sure Aldi is my first stop for uni kitchen and bathroom supplies, it is 100% worth dropping in. 

Of course you should stop buy any local super market for appliances such a kettles and toasters. They usually do the best bargains such as the Tesco £5 toaster. Brilliant for freshers who dont want anything valuable left in the dreaded shared kitchen. This toaster will survive anything and will become your life saver at the end of a night out. 

Hope a few of theses tips help, think of all the money you've saved after that can go towards new hot pants!

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