Saturday, 2 November 2013

Time to talk investment guys.

Okay a true investment is not something that costs £50 and you can wear it until next year. Thats Topshop ripping you off.
A real investment is something you buy once in a lifetime and will never have to replace, will never go out of style, and will go with bloody everything!
I hear some of you scream 'Oh no, its going to be a Burberry trench' Well oh contrair!
I'm not talking breaking the bank massively, im talking save for a couple of months (no like seriously 3 at most) and being proud of what you have bought because it will last 10 years, min.

This is my star investment of the month.
This jacket is from M&S Autograph range and sits at a very comfortable £249.00
Can you wear this with everything? Yes.
Will it go out of fashion? Its a red leather jacket it will always be edgy as hell.
Will it last forever? Its from M&S there are tanks built with less life time assurance.

I know, i know, you can get one cheaper in Bank, however it will never be as beautifully made of survive the harsh winters of the UK as well as this one will. M&S is a true British gem of a shop where quality meets classic style. This jacket is well worth the money and more.
And just think Christmas is round the corner guys, get those letters to Santa in now ;)

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